Casey Affleck and PETA Know How to Harass Women

September 14th 2021

Historically, he’s harassed colleagues in the film industry. Now he’s harassing women scientists.

Yesterday, Casey Affleck inspired a whopping dozen or so protestors at UMass Amherst to join him in protesting against Dr. Agnès Lacreuse, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences there, who is conducting humane, ethical, and vital research with marmosets and tackling important questions about women’s health and cognitive decline. Dr. Lacreuse’s research focuses on women’s health before and after menopause to try to understand why Alzheimer’s disease predominantly affects women.

Casey Affleck has experience harassing women. It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that the target of his pseudo-scientific ire is another woman. Indeed, it’s fitting he agreed to be the celebrity spokesperson for PETA for this particular protest, as PETA has a long-standing habit of targeting women scientists.

Savvy members of the public will be inspired by Brie Larson’s example, when she ghosted him at the Academy Awards in 2017 because of the sexual harassment lawsuits he tried to quash. Given his hypocrisy—some of his own family members will benefit from research like that conducted by Dr. Lacreuse—it is in the public’s interest that he is ghosted here as well.

~Speaking of Research