‘Tis the Season…for a Golden Goose!

It’s that time of year again! It’s not just the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Boxing Day…it’s Golden Goose Award season! The Golden Goose Award is given annually to celebrate scientific success stories. Particularly, the awards demonstrate: The human and/or economic benefits of federally funded scientific research That scientific outcomes build upon each other That … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season…for a Golden Goose!

Nobel Prize 2014: Fortune favours the prepared mind

Speaking of Research congratulates John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser on being awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain”. By recording the activity of individual nerve cells within the brains of rats that were moving freely through their … Continue reading Nobel Prize 2014: Fortune favours the prepared mind

So, what can a growing fly teach us about skin cancer?

Back in April we welcomed launch of the Golden Goose Awards , an annual prize awarded to honor federally funded research  “whose work may once have been viewed as unusual, odd, or obscure, but has produced important discoveries benefiting society in significant ways.”. The Golden Goose award was developed in response to attacks on basic research … Continue reading So, what can a growing fly teach us about skin cancer?

The Golden Goose Awards

Politicians sometimes deride research based on the what they perceive as being "silly" titles of federal funded grants.  If they spot a title that deals with "games", for example, they may assume it deals with some sort of amusement of little value to society, instead of a deep, powerful branch of mathematics that describes the behavior of … Continue reading The Golden Goose Awards