A Philosopher’s Dream

A moral philosopher had the following dream: First Darwin appeared, and the philosopher said to him, "Could you give me a fifteen-minute capsule sketch for your support of medical research using animals?" To the philosopher's surprise, Darwin gave him an excellent exposition in which he compressed an enormous amount of material into a mere fifteen minutes, … Continue reading A Philosopher’s Dream

(Some) animal rights philosophers say the darndest things!

Cheryl Abbate is a self-described feminist, philosopher and military officer.  She is currently a Philosophy PhD student at Marquette University and obtained her MA in Philosophy with Bernard Rollin at Colorado State University. She was one of the animal rights activists who asked  me questions during the discussion of my talk at UW Madison. Ms. Abbate … Continue reading (Some) animal rights philosophers say the darndest things!

Gorgons Visit Earth

There is a classical argument against animal research that surfaced in a recent conversation with Robert C. Jones. It is a thought experiment that can be traced back to science fiction work in the 50s, although its exact origin is unknown. The story involves the landing of an aliens on Earth.  Robert calls them "The Gorgons." The … Continue reading Gorgons Visit Earth