#Evergreen: The Science and Medicine of “Progress for Science”

March 12th 2021 We have detailed the irresponsible behavior of those opposed to animal research during the pandemic and the hypocrisy of their rhetoric now that vaccines have received Emergency Use Authorization—thanks to over a decade of animal research as well as in safety and efficacy testing. Yesterday, we wrote about how recent media coverage of Catholic leaders’ endorsement of … Continue reading #Evergreen: The Science and Medicine of “Progress for Science”

ALF Claims Responsibility for Arson in Mississauga, Canada

In an anonymous communique the ALF claimed responsibility (ALF site) for the destruction of two trucks owned by Harlan Laboratories. In the early morning of June 7, 2015, incendiary devices were ignited and the trucks were destroyed. Thankfully no one was injured and the fire was quickly contained by first responders. Harlan was targeted because … Continue reading ALF Claims Responsibility for Arson in Mississauga, Canada

The Science and Medicine of “Progress for Science”

The animal rights group “Progress for Science” (P4S) made one more appearance last night to harass a UCLA professor at his home. Don’t let their name fool you.  The consequences of P4S's advocacy are backwardness and regression.  To advocate for science you must be familiar with it;  to advocate for progress you must understand medical … Continue reading The Science and Medicine of “Progress for Science”

A Pathetic Defense of Dr. Lawrence Hansen

At Speaking of Research we recently commented on the self-contradictory positions of Dr. Lawrence Hansen. We think it is problematic for Dr. Hansen to be a PeTA member who publicly and vociferously  protests the use of animals in medical research and, simultaneously, to engage in, provide funding for and support animal research himself.  We questioned how … Continue reading A Pathetic Defense of Dr. Lawrence Hansen

PeTA tries to save face… and fails.

During the past month the University of Wisconsin responded to an aggressive media campaign by PeTA suggesting photos of animal studies they obtained are “proof” of violations of the Animal Welfare Act. PeTA filed complaints with the USDA and the National Institutes of Health demanding an investigation.  The university responded point-by-point to PeTA complaint stating … Continue reading PeTA tries to save face… and fails.

The Speaker’s Corner Trust Debate

The Speakers' Corner Trust  --  a charity organization that promotes free expression, public debate and active citizenship -- recently organized a debate on the role of animals in research. Michelle Thew of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) debated Tom Holder of Speaking of Research. In her opening remarks Ms. Thew compared … Continue reading The Speaker’s Corner Trust Debate

Gorgons Visit Earth

There is a classical argument against animal research that surfaced in a recent conversation with Robert C. Jones. It is a thought experiment that can be traced back to science fiction work in the 50s, although its exact origin is unknown. The story involves the landing of an aliens on Earth.  Robert calls them "The Gorgons." The … Continue reading Gorgons Visit Earth

Singer Turns on Violent Activists

The famous philosopher, academic, and animal rights activist, Peter Singer, criticized the actions of those animal rights extremists who sent razors to researcher David Jentsch (claiming that they were "covered in AIDS infected blood" - see Jentsch's response on SR). Singer is often regarded as the founder of the animal rights philosophy with his 1975 … Continue reading Singer Turns on Violent Activists