What happens when an animal rights activist tours an animal research lab?

What would you do if an activist group, whose Facebook wall features the extremist group the ALF, asked to tour your labs? While many people would ignore their request, the University of Guelph (Canada) invited the individual in to tour the facility and answer their questions. A post on the Animal Rights Compliance Facebook page … Continue reading What happens when an animal rights activist tours an animal research lab?

A new year resolution for the new academic year

As many students and faculty begin the new academic year, there is a resolution that all of us need. To be more open about animal research and how we are involved in it. Possible ways to get involved: Small effort (1 - 5 minutes): Talk to friends and family about your job. Explain why animal … Continue reading A new year resolution for the new academic year

German Outreach Done Right

The German Primate Center (DPZ) have been producing some excellent resources to show how their primates are housed. This sort of outreach goes a long way to helping understand the lengths that institutions will go to ensure that high standards of animal welfare are maintained for their primates. The first resource is an interactive tour … Continue reading German Outreach Done Right

Veterinarians Bringing Research to the Public

Scientist, technicians, animal care attendants and veterinarians all have different roles to play in explaining how and why animals are ethically used to advance scientific discoveries and improve therapeutic treatments of illness. Speaking of Research committee member Michael Brunt was asked to speak to laboratory animal veterinarians and LA veterinary residents from Canada and northeastern … Continue reading Veterinarians Bringing Research to the Public

Five Ways to Help

Only have a few moments to spare? Quick jump straight to one of the Five Ways to Help: Check what your institution says about its animal research [2 minutes] Get them to add a link to Speaking of Research [3 minutes] Help share Speaking of Research’s message on social media [3 minutes] Send us a … Continue reading Five Ways to Help

Outreach, Not Out-of-Reach

This article updates an original article entitled: Time for a change? This weekend’s counter-demonstration at UCLA is another sign of a growing movement and change in the approach the research community is taking towards defending public interests in scientific research. The actions and growth of Pro-Test, Pro-Test for Science, and Pro-Test Italia have all provided … Continue reading Outreach, Not Out-of-Reach

Speaking of Your Research…

In 2008, Speaking of Research was set up to urge more scientists, particularly in the US, to talk about the research they conducted. While advocacy groups have an important role in helping to educate the media, policy makers and general public on the role of animals in research, the most powerful voice on this issue … Continue reading Speaking of Your Research…