American Association of Family Physicians

Over the last few days Speaking of Research has been sharing a stand with their colleagues at Americans for Medical Progress (AMP) at the American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP) convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kristen, of AMP, explains the importance of speaking up about the role of animals in medical research to a passing student doctor.

Doctors play an important part in explaining where medicines come from. We should be working against the scenario of the patient coming out of the family physician’s office with a prescription for Insulin or Penicillin, and then signing a “Ban Animal Testing!!!” (three exclamation marks speak louder than one) petition that is thrust at them on the street. Such situations are essentially hypocrisy and are rooted in a patient misunderstanding about the connection between the medicine prescription their pocket, and the role of animals in their development.

Speaking of Research are in California next week as we continue to spread an understanding of biomedical research. Keep checking the calendar page.