UCLA Pro-Test – Post-rally Video Coverage


After the hugely successful UCLA Pro-Test rally (full report) it is time to turn towards the media coverage of the event:


Fox News covered the event with a news story and video (embedded below – or linked). They compared the motives of the Pro-Testers and the animal rights activists and included a number of short interviews with those marching with UCLA Pro-Test. In the article alongside the video one Pro-Test organizer explained how animal research had affected her:

“I owe science a debt of gratitude for saving my parents’ lives,” she said, explaining that one had survived leukemia and the other cancer because they were treated with chemotherapy developed through research on animals.

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NBC showed a video review (embedded below or link) with footage of the rally and interviews with David Jentsch and John D. Young.

“Moments later an even bigger group of people emerged, calling themselves Pro-Test – this group claimed animal research saves lives”.

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The UCLA Newsroom provided some great footage of the rally (see YouTube version below) as well as a fantastic supporting article, which contained a fantasic explanation for the importance of animal research by Dr. Gerald Levey, Dean of the Geffen School of Medicine.

“Animal research has played a crucial role in virtually every medical advance of the last century,” including the discovery and development of antibiotics, analgesics, anti-depressants, organ transplants, heart surgery and more, Levey said. “Many diseases that ravaged the world are now preventable, treatable or have been eradicated all together. Think about it: Immunizations against smallpox, polio, diphtheria, mumps, rubella, influenza and hepatitis have saved millions of lives, and survival rates of breast cancer and leukemia are at an all-time high, thanks to animal research.”

The video contained footage of speeches by Tom Holder, Dr. Gerald Levey and Professor David Jentsch.

KABC-TV (ABC-7) covered the event (UCLA Pro-Test can be seen at 1:15 on), showing Pro-Testers chanting, Tom Holder’s (SR founder) press conference speech, and an interview with UCLA Pro-Test founder, David Jentsch.

Also weighing in were news heavyweights CNN. They sent their cameras to the rally and produced two videos of the event (click “video”). One is a general overview of the days events, while the second shows the energy of the marchers as Speaking of Research founder, Tom Holder, leads the marchers in chants.

CBS2 shows a video of both the animal rights activists and the Pro-Test rally, with interviews on both sides.

Possibly due to fear of reprisal, many Pro-Testers interviewed by news crews declined to give their full name – however most of the interviews were conducted at the start, before the full rally started and hopefully those same people will now be more confident.

Keep an eye out for our next piece when we give a report of the print media news coverage.



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  1. Congratulations on what was by all reports I’ve seen an undeniably resounding success.

    Of course I haven’t seen whatever spin Jerry V, Ingrid and the gang will put on this yet.

    1. Jerry Vlasak is fabricating some bogus ‘communique’ at the moment. It should be out there shortly (within the next two days). Ingrid will ask Kathy to take her clothes off next time… Perhaps that will attract (or not!) more media attention.

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