The Monkey of the Baskervilles

If you watched the news or picked up a newspaper yesterday you'll already be aware that scientists in Japan have created genetically modified (GM) marmoset monkeys that pass the transgene, in this case one that encodes the marker GFP protein that glows under UV light, to their offspring. Severel media outlest including the Huffington Post … Continue reading The Monkey of the Baskervilles


A claim frequently made by animal rights activists is that by paying for animal research charities and other funding bodies are diverting money from other areas such as clinical research. However the reality is that clinical and animal scientists work together to understand what is going wrong in disease and to illuminate previously unknown aspects … Continue reading Synergy

David Jentsch speaks about his research

As a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at UCLA, my students, colleagues around the University and I are engaged in an endeavor to improve the quality of life of individuals who suffer from major mental disorders. As committed as we are to making tangible progress towards improving the prognosis and welfare of people suffering from … Continue reading David Jentsch speaks about his research

Positive Comments for Pro-Test Petition!!

The Pro-Test Petition has now reached well over 2700 signatures - have you signed yet? This petition, supported by  Speaking of Research, Americans for Medical Progress, and UCLA Pro-Test,  aims to show the world that the majority do support animal research – and moreover they dare stand up and sign their name to it. On … Continue reading Positive Comments for Pro-Test Petition!!

Animal Liberation Front Press Office become desperate

In a pathetic attempt to be noticed, North American Animal Liberation Press Officer (NAALPO), Jason S. Miller, decided to send an email to a group of researchers, research institutions and pro-research groups (including SR). In an email containing links to typical AR pseudo-science, misinformation and misanthropic philosophy, Jason kindly explained our future: Your newly formed … Continue reading Animal Liberation Front Press Office become desperate

HSUS Donations Scandal

ABC recently ran an expose on HSUS donations - how HSUS have misled the public over their relations with the local humane societies (which run local shelters): Click here for the video Check HSUS's annual budget yourselves (part 2). Of a little over $100 million they receive in donations, only around $6 million (6%) goes … Continue reading HSUS Donations Scandal

Top Websites on Animal Research

There have been many new and old websites that cover the facts on animal research - many of which can be found in the links section. Here are some of the ones I've found particularly helpful and informative: Animal Research Info is possibly the most comprehensive source of information on the web regarding the role … Continue reading Top Websites on Animal Research

Pro-Research message starts to spread across YouTube

For a long time YouTube has been the home of animal rights activists showing montages of outdated experiments in an attempt to misrepresent current research. However times are changing and so I'm going to take a moment to show you a few of the videos which support research and the researchers on the web. Speaking … Continue reading Pro-Research message starts to spread across YouTube