SR at UCLA – April 6th 2010

Two days before the upcoming Pro-Test for Science rally, Tom Holder will address members of the UCLA community about the importance of standing together in support of lifesaving medical research.

The presentation will be held in the Gonda 1st Floor Conference Room on the UCLA Campus starting at noon on Tuesday April 6th 2010. I encourage you to tell your friends and colleagues – this is a perfect opportunity to discover ways in which you can help improve the public understanding about the role of animals in research.

Standing up for Science

Animal research has been a divisive issue for many years, however much of the problem lies with the public’s general mistrust of science. This mistrust is a reflection of the average person’s lack of understanding about how science works and the animal research issue is no exception. Many people are unable to see the connection between the animal experiments and the huge array of medical drugs that they take for granted. If we are to convince people to support scientific activities such as animal research then we need to be more active in explaining how it affects the lives and welfare of the public.

The scientific community in California and beyond must be ready to meet the challenge of a growing animal rights movement. Despite isolated incidents of violent activity, researchers must realise that the only way to reverse this trend is to put their head above the parapet and provide the public with the scientific argument for biomedical research. The UK provides a clear example of how the scientific community can bring the public onside and combat the rise in animal rights extremism – and there are signs of a similar movement within the US. From the scientists doing the research to the animal care technicians whose sole priority is the welfare of the animals, we need people in the industry to become advocates for science.


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