New Year’s Resolution – Talk about Research

Now that 2010 has come to a close we can begin to consider the future. Many people are making (and breaking) New Year Resolutions. Speaking of Research ask that you add (and keep) one more to your list of resolutions.

In 2011 I will do more to talk about the importance of animal research!

Maybe you’ll be mentioning some of our big stories of 2010, such as how animal research is pushing for a new treatment for MS. Perhaps you’d rather talk about the eradication of the dreaded cattle disease Rinderpest. There was always the news of how mice are helping men with prostate cancer, and the role of mice in developing and evaluating a new nanotechnology aimed at treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease. There were literally pages of science stories to talk about in 2010.

You could convince some friends and family to sign the Basel Declaration in support of medical research. For those of our readers at school or college, why not making your next assignment one on animal research (if relevant to the assignment – we do not recommend writing about animal research to explain the reasons for the American Revolutionary War).

Whatever you do to speak up about the importance of animal testing, make sure you start today.


Tom Holder