New Year’s Resolution – Talk about Research

Now that 2010 has come to a close we can begin to consider the future. Many people are making (and breaking) New Year Resolutions. Speaking of Research ask that you add (and keep) one more to your list of resolutions. In 2011 I will do more to talk about the importance of animal research! Maybe … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution – Talk about Research

“The biggest achievement of veterinary history”

That was how John Anderson, the head of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, described yesterday’s announcement by the Global Rinderpest Eradication Programme (GREP) that the dreaded cattle disease Rinderpest has been eradicated.  For over a millennium Rinderpest has stalked cattle herds around the world, often leaving famine in its wake, and in the … Continue reading “The biggest achievement of veterinary history”