Teaching Children about the Brain

Dr Stacey A Bedwell is a postdoctoral researcher at Nottingham Trent University, whose work focuses on the prefrontal cortex of the mammalian brain. Dr Bedwell has previously written a guest post about the importance of animals in neuroscience for us. Stacey recent published a children’s book, How does my brain work, which takes readers through … Continue reading Teaching Children about the Brain

We need your help getting our message out!

Speaking of Research need your help. We want to raise $200 this year to help us pay our website costs, with a little left over for promotional activities (printing leaflets, briefings and the occasional poster, as well as online promotional work). Donating up to €10/£10/$15 is a huge help to our efforts in explaining the important role … Continue reading We need your help getting our message out!

Guest Post: Manchester protests miss the point

Today's guest post is from Patrick Smith, a PhD student at the University of Manchester, UK. He discusses an upcoming animal rights demonstration in his city, which is taking place as part of World Day for Animals in Laboratories (Part of World Week for Animals in Labs). This Saturday (23rd April), Manchester Animal Action are hosting the World … Continue reading Guest Post: Manchester protests miss the point

Was Jeremy Bentham an Antivivisectionist?

In this post we look at whether or not Jeremy Bentham, an eminent 18th and 19th century English philosopher,  was opposed to animal experiments. Ahead of his time in many areas, Bentham advocated for freedom of expression, abolition of slavery, equal rights for women, and the separation of church and state. His Utilitarian philosophy has … Continue reading Was Jeremy Bentham an Antivivisectionist?

Herding Hemmingway’s Cats: Book review

What can cats with six toes, flies with wimpy testis, fish with hips, and mice with socks tell us about how our genes work? Turns out, they – together with a cast of characters ranging from bacteria to our own species – can tell us quite a lot. In Herding Hemmingway’s Cats: Understanding how our … Continue reading Herding Hemmingway’s Cats: Book review

Reaching the Roots: Educating Veterinary Students

We have a guest post from Dr. Logan France, the 2015-16 Americans for Medical Progress (AMP) Hayre Fellow and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She discusses her upcoming outreach project – Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD). AMP is now opening their application for this year’s Michael D Hayre Fellowship in Public Outreach – a great opportunity … Continue reading Reaching the Roots: Educating Veterinary Students