If you don’t want to miss a thing

Thanks to the incredible work of the SR committee, the amount of news we produce has risen to the point that there are posts almost every other day. Our end-of-week Research Roundup allows readers to keep abreast of the week’s animal science news, while we also cover news from animal rights groups, worldwide statistics, and more.  Our hard work is being rewarded, Speaking of Research are increasingly being quoted in the media, and our calls to action are being taken up by hundreds of scientists (For example, Christine Lattin has already received over 300 comments of support).

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to catchall our great stories, so here are three ways you can keep up to date.

1. Email 

At the bottom-right of any page (on desktop view) is a button allowing you to sign up for email alerts. Receive a quick email from WordPress the moment a new post is published. THe button may look slightly different if you are logged into a personal WordPress account at the time.

Find the button pictured to sign up for email alerts.


2. Facebook

All the latest stories are posted on our Facebook page, usually within an hour of them going up on the website. This allows you to easily share the posts with your friends. You can also find links to other interesting animal research stories from across the internet – all in one place. So please “like” us on Facebook, and encourage friends and colleagues to do so as well.

3. Twitter

We provide links to all our latest posts on our @SpeakofResearch Twitter feed. On top of this we also tweet and retweet links and information we think is useful to our supporters. So please follow us!

4. LinkedIn

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5. Visit us all the time

The tried and tested tradition of booking marking our website and visiting it every day to check for new posts is still a great way of ensuring you don’t miss a thing. Seriously though, something new might have been posted … hit F5 and check. No? What about now?

If you came to this post hoping for something about Aerosmith, we’re sorry you had to read this far:

We’ve always assumed he was talking about Speaking of Research too!

P.s. Thanks to Dr Windsor for suggesting we add this feature to our website!