“Successes of Antivivisection Activists” are delusions, at best

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office drew upon the recent profile of UCLA researchers by the Chronicle of Higher Education in a recent post (warning: extremist website), boasting that information in the article: validates activists' tactics and achievements in making the abuse of animals more costly and dangerous for the evil men and women … Continue reading “Successes of Antivivisection Activists” are delusions, at best

Graverobbing by Animal Rights Extremists

PAST October 9th, 2004. Present July 27th 2009 - Animal Rights Activists steal the ashes of  Mr. Vasella's (Novartis CEO) mother. The ashes of [Mr. Vasella's] mother, who died in 2001, had been taken from her grave in the eastern Swiss city of Chur, and the message, “Drop HLS Now’’, spray-painted in red letters on … Continue reading Graverobbing by Animal Rights Extremists