Graverobbing by Animal Rights Extremists

PAST October 9th, 2004. Present July 27th 2009 - Animal Rights Activists steal the ashes of  Mr. Vasella's (Novartis CEO) mother. The ashes of [Mr. Vasella's] mother, who died in 2001, had been taken from her grave in the eastern Swiss city of Chur, and the message, “Drop HLS Now’’, spray-painted in red letters on … Continue reading Graverobbing by Animal Rights Extremists

ALF shooting blanks – we can only hope!

On the 19th October the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) sent the following communique: There a roughly 12 (give or take a few, they'll have to find the exact number) of those UCLA vans driving around with unfired shotgun shells in their mufflers. Some of them may have ignited with the warm weather that we have … Continue reading ALF shooting blanks – we can only hope!

Report: Animal Rights Conference – Part 1

For the rest of this week I shall be blogging my thoughts and comments on the Animal Rights Conference, that was held Friday 15th - Sunday 17th August 2008 (the conference actually started on Thursday and finishes on Monday, but I attended the main 3 days). Friday 15th August, I headed to the Hilton Mark … Continue reading Report: Animal Rights Conference – Part 1