Animal Rights Hacktivists

A handful of activists (maybe less) have begun to use digital means to take direct actions against those who are involved in animal research. All the hacks below involved gaining control of the website and either defacing the front page, or taking down the entire website. This is likely the actions of one or two … Continue reading Animal Rights Hacktivists

We must reject extremism

  Today's Pop Quiz:   What kind of social activism involves: Stalking persons at home and screaming “murderer” through bullhorns Issuing “wanted” posters listing home addresses Thinly veiled (or not so thinly veiled) suggestions that their targets should be murdered Razor packed letters and death threats Adherence to the motto "by all means necessary" And … Continue reading We must reject extremism

Raising Voices: Animal Research Advocacy and Community Engagement

Animal rights groups and extremists have raised a very loud chorus against animal research. Well-funded, media-savvy campaigns and over-the-top publicity stunts ensure that the public receives a biased and negative message about the role and value of animal studies.  As a result of decades of investment in extensive campaigning, these groups have contributed to decreasing … Continue reading Raising Voices: Animal Research Advocacy and Community Engagement

ALF shooting blanks – we can only hope!

On the 19th October the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) sent the following communique: There a roughly 12 (give or take a few, they'll have to find the exact number) of those UCLA vans driving around with unfired shotgun shells in their mufflers. Some of them may have ignited with the warm weather that we have … Continue reading ALF shooting blanks – we can only hope!