A recent uptick in the number of mRNA vaccines being tested in humans

After decades of heavy investment by our government and society in genetic research, we now sit at the precipice of a genetic revolution—fully eclipsing the current digital revolution. Surprisingly, the majority of mRNA therapies in human trials are targeting cancer.

Speaking of Research Year in Review 2021

December 31st 2021 This year has been another difficult year for everyone. Like many of you, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us at Speaking of Research one way or another—including with re-prioritization of time to child, elder and other care, the switch to and challenges of online teaching and major job related delays … Continue reading Speaking of Research Year in Review 2021

mRNA HIV vaccine shows promise #InMice #InMonkeys

December 15th 2021 An experimental HIV vaccine based on mRNA—the same platform technology used in two highly effective COVID-19 vaccines—shows promise #InMice and #InMonkeys, according to scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health. Their results, published in Nature Medicine, show that the novel vaccine … Continue reading mRNA HIV vaccine shows promise #InMice #InMonkeys

#Evergreen #AnimalResearchSavesLives: Work on the COVID-19 vaccine begins

September 3rd 2021 Given the NIAID's statement on the important role of #AnimalResearch in mRNA COVID-19 vaccine development it is timely to highlight the decades of animal research that made it possible to begin, produce and evaluate the safety and efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine within one year. #AnimalResearchSavesLives: Work on the COVID-19 vaccine begins … Continue reading #Evergreen #AnimalResearchSavesLives: Work on the COVID-19 vaccine begins

Human mRNA vaccine trials in the 2010s? A history lesson in animal research

The recent mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 are the first of their kind, but they weren’t created overnight. RNA itself was discovered in the 1960s. Then, basic research in the 1970s paved the way for vaccine development in the 90s, optimization in the 2000s, clinical trials for influenza and rabies in the late 2010s