The Day Italy United for Science – 8 June 2013

It seemed like a crazy plan when we first heard about it from our friends in Pro-Test Italia at the end of April, to organize a day of events in cities across Italy to campaign for correct scientific information, and to do so in less than 6 weeks...and with a starting budget of precisely nothing. … Continue reading The Day Italy United for Science – 8 June 2013

Challenging Scientific Dishonesty Across Italy

With the Pro-Test Italia rally only 2 weeks away, there is a growing movement against the widespread misrepresentation of science in Italy. To counter this, two members of Pro-Test Italia - Giulia and Federico - have set up "Italy United against Scientific Disinformation". They will hold a set of public talks around Italy on June … Continue reading Challenging Scientific Dishonesty Across Italy

Are scientists sadists?

Scientists working with animals are often accused by animal rights activists of being ‘monsters’, ‘murderers’, ‘sadists’ and worse.  On the other side, animal rights leaders see themselves standing on a moral pedestal above the rest of the population, while simultaneously inciting to violence against fellow human beings they have never met.  The contradiction is lost … Continue reading Are scientists sadists?

Speaking of 2012: A year in Summary

It has been a fantastic year for Speaking of Research, reflected in the fact that the website traffic has more than doubled (130% growth and still rising). Thus trying to summarise will be the 127th post of the year thanks to the commitment of our committee. An extra special thanks has to go to four … Continue reading Speaking of 2012: A year in Summary

Cancer Stem Cells: Mouse studies lead to paradigm shift in cancer research

For the past 15 years one of the most intriguing ideas in cancer research has been that the growth and spread of most – if not all – cancers is driven by cancer stem cells. The hypothesis is that only a tiny proportion of cancer cells, cancer stem cells, have the stem cell-like ability to … Continue reading Cancer Stem Cells: Mouse studies lead to paradigm shift in cancer research

The Animal Rights Crank

We live in a world where science is increasingly being denied, an age where some appear to value ignorance more then knowledge, where everyone is an expert, where celebrities give medical advice, where every idea is equally valid and worthy of being called a theory, where evidence and fact attain the same stature as delusions … Continue reading The Animal Rights Crank

Empathy and Altruism in Rats?

A recent paper in Science discussed behavioral data in rats suggestive of empathically motivated behavior. This is a potentially very important report for two major reasons. First, a deep understanding of the mental and psychological abilities of rats, and other species, is a crucial goal for comparative psychologists, evolutionary biologists and other basic scientists. Second, … Continue reading Empathy and Altruism in Rats?

How to build a lung

Tissue engineering, a field that combines cell biology, engineering, and materials science to manufacture tissues - and more recently even whole organs - to replace those lost to injury or illness, must be one of the most exciting areas in modern medicine. Since the earliest reports about a mouse with a human ear growing on … Continue reading How to build a lung