Animal Research Cures – There’s even a Website

The American Physiological Society (APS) has developed a new website to help explain the important role animal research plays in modern medicine - . APS has been at the forefront of biomedical research advocacy, with a clear position statement on the importance of animal research and educational material on their website, as well as … Continue reading Animal Research Cures – There’s even a Website

ALF’s clever website trickery

The ALF web person has been up to some fairly deceitful tricks. Look closely at the screen shot below from the ALF website (Warning: AR Website). The article is about two scientists who have apparently been barred from their university. The interesting thing to note is the link to the Speaking of Research committee webpage … Continue reading ALF’s clever website trickery

What do you want to see on this website?

Want more statistics? Perhaps video clips of animals in labs, we're looking to expand and we're looking for you to tell us how! With the rush of traffic that the announcement of the UCLA Pro-Test group has brought to this website we think its time for us to put more information up. Are there pages … Continue reading What do you want to see on this website?

Want information on animal research?!

A new website created by the RDS has been launched a couple of days ago. allows scientists to make their own contributions (subject to moderation) to add to the already vast repository of information on "the contribution of animal research to medical science". The website offers in-depth information on Nobel Prize winners, drug developments … Continue reading Want information on animal research?!

Updating the Website

The website has been undergoing some minor updates over the last few days. Check the (new) Calendar tab to see past and future presentations by Speaking of Research, clicking on past events will take you to the relevant blog/news post. Keep checking back for any updates (Information about an upcoming talk at Pittsburgh can be … Continue reading Updating the Website