Tom Holder, SR Founder, heads to UCLA


Tom Holder, founder of Speaking of Research and member of the original UK Pro-Test group, will arrive in Los Angeles (jet lagged) on Friday April 17th. After a good nights sleep and several cups of tea he will be on hand to help UCLA Pro-Test in their activities from Saturday April 18th onwards. Holder will emcee the UCLA Pro-Test rally on April 22nd 2009.

Tom Holder, Speaking of Research founder
Tom Holder, Speaking of Research founder

Through discussion and debate we can allow the public to learn about the important value of biomedical research. As such, Tom will also be available to get involved with debates on campus or in the media. Holder will also be around the UCLA campus advertising the march from Saturday onwards – feel free to talk to him – he looks like this (see right – but now with shorter hair) and is very friendly. He will probably be wearing that T-shirt.

If you are interested in getting Tom involved in any campus events please contact him on by email or alternatively phone him on 310-994-8103 (until 24th April)

In other news, the LA Times covered news of the upcoming UCLA Pro-Test, see an extract below:

The new UCLA organization is named UCLA Pro-Test, in honor of the British group. Its message, Jentsch said, is that ending animal research “would be devastating, absolutely devastating, in the loss of knowledge and its practical applications to human health.”

Holder, who now heads a similar U.S.-based organization called Speaking of Research, praised Jentsch’s efforts. “I think it is fantastic that scientists are finally finding their voice and standing up against animal rights extremists,” he said in a telephone interview from England.

Keep checking back on the website for the latest news on the rally as it unfolds.