A request to our multilingual readers

To our multilingual readers (or our monolingual readers’ multilingual friends), we need your help. We have been trying to build up a picture of animal research worldwide, however our efforts are limited due to language barriers in some countries. So far we have statistics for 13 countries and the EU, copied below. We are looking for people in other countries (or who speak the language) to help us get the animal research statistics for 2014 (or failing that, 2013).

Multilingual SpeakersDifferent countries have their own reporting requirements. All EU countries must now collate and report their animal research data in the same way (though some countries are slower than others at publishing these). On the other hand, countries like Australia do not collate them centrally, instead leaving this to individual territories – some of which collate these statistics, some of which do not.

In order to report on a country, we (at minimum) need the number of each species, or the number of procedures on each species, used in research in a given year. However, additional information on types of research, severity, previous years, etc., all help build up a picture of research in the country. It is also helpful if you can give us an English translation of the headings in any table that you send us. Information should be sent to contact@speakingofresearch.com

Some information may be easily found online – it is just a case of finding the correct webpage of the correct Government department (e.g. here or here or here). Other Governments have FOI laws which can be invoked by emailing the relevant department and requesting the figures. An example email might read:

To whom it may concern,

I would like to know how many animals were used in research in <country> in 2013 and 2014. Please could you provide these figures, or provide a webpage, with these statistics broken down by species.

Yours faithfully

Here is the list of countries where we currently have statistics. We are also interested in getting more recent statistics where they exist.

Country Year Number of animals (vertebrates)*
Number of mammals exc. mice and rats
More information
Canada 2013 3,023,184 307,109 Link
Denmark 2012 252,825 19,503 Link
European Union (EU) 2011 11,481,521 773,306 Link
Finland 2014 288,142 16,206 Link
Germany 2014 2,798,463 188,872 Link
Ireland 2014 224,249 9,841 Link
Israel 2014 340,330 ~6,800 Link
Netherlands 2013 526,593 38,487 Link
New Zealand 2013 224,048 111,471 Link
Northern Ireland † 2013 18,638 2,798 Link
Spain 2014 808,827 45,290 Link
Switzerland 2014 606,505 22,953 Link
United Kingdom (UK) † 2014 3,867,439 117,546 Link
United States (US) 2014 ~ 12-25 million‡ 834,453 Link

Full information, including explanations for certain elements of the table, can be found here

Thank you to all our readers for your support.

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