Over 3000 Society for Neuroscience members back animal research

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) recently emailed its members urging them to sign the Pro-Test Petition (see our earlier posts).The result was over 3000 members signing their support in under 24 hours, bringing the total signatures to over 6,500!

SfN President, Thomas Carew, sent this to SfN members:

Dear SfN Members,

Consider adding your voice: www.raisingvoices.net

Learn about protecting research and researchers: Visit www.sfn.org/animals

On behalf of the entire Council of the Society for Neuroscience, I write to ask you to consider taking an important – and quick – opportunity to stand up and be counted in support of animal research. It will take less than a minute.

An online petition is circulating at http://www.raisingvoices.net . I urge you to read it, and consider adding your voice, as I have added mine. I also urge you to share this information with at least seven colleagues.

You already know that animal research is essential to scientific and medical progress. But many of our SfN colleagues have faced growing violence, intimidation, and threats for conducting vital, legal animal research. SfN is and will remain vocal in our support of researchers and this life-saving research. This petition offers another important opportunity to take action. Learn more about ways to help protect research and researchers.

Let me close by emphasizing that this issue directly affects each and every one of us in the Society, independent of the particular kind of science we personally practice. Thus we thank you for considering this important opportunity. SfN looks forward to continuing its advocacy on behalf of this crucial issue.


Tom Carew

SfN President

Are you part of a bioscience organization? If so, email your president and urge them to follow the example of the Society for Neuroscience and email their members to inform them about this important petition.


The Pro-Test Petition states that “We the undersigned believe:

  1. That animal research has contributed and continues to contribute to major advances in the length and quality of our lives.  It remains vital to understanding basic biological processes and for the development of new treatments and therapies such as antibiotics, vaccines, organ transplants, and cancer medicines.
  2. That animal research is morally justifiable provided animal welfare remains a high priority and no valid non-animal alternatives are available.
  3. That violence, intimidation and harassment of scientists and others involved in animal research is neither a legitimate means of protest, nor morally justified.”

So sign now, and remember to leave a positive comment!


They're Pro-Test, Are You?


Tom Holder

One thought on “Over 3000 Society for Neuroscience members back animal research

  1. Seen a commercial on Animal Planet promoting animal research. Thought it was AWESOME!!! It’s about time somebody to speak up against something else the AR groups are against. I am a dog breeder and are fighting the same battles.

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