UCLA Pro-Test … in 1 minute (YouTube)!

No it’s not the reduced Shakespeare company, it’s the first of a handful of videos which UCLA Pro-Test is producing (with the help of FPS Productions) about the successful rally on April 22nd.

Now for everyone with a YouTube account, we need your help to get this video seen by as many people as possible. So favourite the video, rate it 5*s and then share it with your friends.

YouTube has been a hugely important tool for organizations to get their messages across, and Speaking of Research is no exception, with our “Why we need animals in research video“. So help us spread the message.



3 thoughts on “UCLA Pro-Test … in 1 minute (YouTube)!

  1. Embryonic stem cells (and following them all other stem cell technologies) were first discoveres through animal research, especially the Nobel prize winning work of Martin Evans and Matthew Kaufman at Cambridge University at the beginning of the 1980’s.


    Since then animal research has been crucial to both increasing our understanding of stem cells and the development of stem cell therapies (embryonic or otherwise), something we’ve discussed on this blog on several occasions over the past year. Here’s one example from a few months ago.


    Animal research is, and will remain for many years to come, vital to the advancement of stem cell medicine.

  2. Embrionic stem cell research is acceptable , as tat is just cells.

    Live animal research is not.

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