Scientists dare to defend research

Important: Thank you for the overwhelming support we've had. However please go and sign The Pro-Test Petition. It's a much bigger petition that aims to show the support for biomedical research among scientists and non-scientists alike. Added Note: We now have 100 signatories!! As students and scientists at UCLA stand up to support lifesaving medical … Continue reading Scientists dare to defend research

UCLA Pro-Test – Coverage Review Day 18

It's been over a week since our last coverage update and there's been more news sources covering the upcoming rally. To kick off, the highly respected Nature journal included an interview (subscription needed) with David Jentsch, founder of UCLA Pro-Test. He offered an insight into his own research before mentioning more about the upcoming rally: … Continue reading UCLA Pro-Test – Coverage Review Day 18

Tom Holder, SR Founder, heads to UCLA

Tom Holder, founder of Speaking of Research and member of the original UK Pro-Test group, will arrive in Los Angeles (jet lagged) on Friday April 17th. After a good nights sleep and several cups of tea he will be on hand to help UCLA Pro-Test in their activities from Saturday April 18th onwards. Holder will … Continue reading Tom Holder, SR Founder, heads to UCLA

What do you want to see on this website?

Want more statistics? Perhaps video clips of animals in labs, we're looking to expand and we're looking for you to tell us how! With the rush of traffic that the announcement of the UCLA Pro-Test group has brought to this website we think its time for us to put more information up. Are there pages … Continue reading What do you want to see on this website?

Why UCLA Pro-Test must reject the requests of extremists

The violent animal rights extremist organization the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) recently released a communique challenging UCLA Pro-Test to a radio debate. Just two working days later and ALF spokesman Jerry Vlasak decided that UCLA Pro-Test had given in and released this statement: I relish the opportunity to debate not only the lack of scientific … Continue reading Why UCLA Pro-Test must reject the requests of extremists

Speaking in Nature

One of our own members, David Bienus, a animal care technician who recently wrote about his experiences of animal welfare in labs, has got his letter into the esteemed science journal Nature, a portion of which can be seen below: In your Editorial 'Against vicious activism' (Nature 457, 636; 2009), you call for scientists and the … Continue reading Speaking in Nature

UCLA Pro-Test – First Speakers Announced!

After the initial announcement, organization is underway to make the UCLA Pro-Test a success. The first thing I promised was the intitial speakers. Provost Scott Waugh - Executive Vice Chancellor of UCLA Gerald Levey - Dean of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Tom Holder - Founder of Speaking of Research and Pro-Test … Continue reading UCLA Pro-Test – First Speakers Announced!