A New Low at NIO: extremists threaten students

Earlier this week, the animal rights extremist group at NegotiationisOver.com posted an email they received from Alena - an undergraduate student at Florida Atlantic University - in response to their attempts to solicit local activists to attend an animal rights event: Actually, I’m an undergrad researcher aiming to work at Scripps [Research Institute]! I currently … Continue reading A New Low at NIO: extremists threaten students

ScienceBlogs fight for Research

In the run up to a Panel Discussion on animal testing, animal rights extremists threatened to harass a researcher's children at school, provoking widespread outrage by scientific bloggers across the world.

Activists try “Climate of Fear” approach!

The recent success of the Pro-Test Petition (10,000 signatures and counting) has caused stirs among animal rights activists. Two extremist blogs - the Thomas Paine's Corner (which we have previously mentioned and is staffed by a number of ALF Press Officers) and the Negotiation is Over blog (which we have also mentioned), decided to encourage … Continue reading Activists try “Climate of Fear” approach!

Violence vs Non-Violence? The AR Debate!

A Fractured Movement? It is easy to believe that the animal rights movement is one giant bloc, working together to abolish animal research using tactics which range from the legal, to the dubious, to the outright criminal. However it is these range of tactics which prove to be the most divisive point for activists, and … Continue reading Violence vs Non-Violence? The AR Debate!