Singer Turns on Violent Activists

The famous philosopher, academic, and animal rights activist, Peter Singer, criticized the actions of those animal rights extremists who sent razors to researcher David Jentsch (claiming that they were "covered in AIDS infected blood" - see Jentsch's response on SR). Singer is often regarded as the founder of the animal rights philosophy with his 1975 … Continue reading Singer Turns on Violent Activists

No Scares for ONPRC Monkeys at Halloween

Well people are always bugging us to include more footage from biomedical facilities - here is something recently released by ONPRC: It was nice to see this story appearing on CNN's iReport. "Last week, monkeys at Oregon Health & Science University’s Oregon National Primate Research Center enjoyed a pumpkin feast.  In what has become somewhat … Continue reading No Scares for ONPRC Monkeys at Halloween

Open Letter to the Justice Department

In recent days, the Justice Department (the moniker of an animal rights terrorist group) sent a letter to my home that contained razor blades and graphic threats to “cut my throat”, and they have openly announced that they sent similar letters to at least one of my trainees. The letter that was sent to my … Continue reading Open Letter to the Justice Department

We must reject extremism

  Today's Pop Quiz:   What kind of social activism involves: Stalking persons at home and screaming “murderer” through bullhorns Issuing “wanted” posters listing home addresses Thinly veiled (or not so thinly veiled) suggestions that their targets should be murdered Razor packed letters and death threats Adherence to the motto "by all means necessary" And … Continue reading We must reject extremism

I am Speaking of Research

Most of the people reading this blog will proudly announce that they are "Pro-Test", but are you "Speaking of Research"? On several occasions hundreds of you have posted here to announce that you are Pro-Test. Well over 11,000 of you signed the Pro-Test petition to agree with our principles. Now it's time to act, it's … Continue reading I am Speaking of Research

Speaking up for CNPRC

The following article appeared in The Aggie, a stujdent run newspaper at UC Davis. It is good to see students willing to diligently explain the reasons behind the use of animals in medical research [Tom] Two weeks ago, during National Primate Liberation Week, activists on the quad protested against the use of non-human primates at … Continue reading Speaking up for CNPRC